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Paley Institute
Technology & Innovation

Innovative Procedure Restores Knee Function Following Severe Cartilage Injury

After Liana’s life-altering knee injury ended her collegiate athletic career, she not only had to deal with the emotional and psychological shock this caused, but she was also left with excruciating knee pain that seemed to defy all available treatment.

Technology & Innovation

Post-Traumatic Growth Arrest Repaired After Rare Surgery at Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute

In the late 70s, Nina suffered severe injuries to her leg in an auto accident that would change her life forever. Nearly forty years later, after living with pain and an increasingly deformed foot, she finds hope from the surgeons at the Paley Institute.

Opiod Addiction
Wellness Travel & Tourism

A Tour for Recovery, Not a Vacation from Treatment

Few illnesses cripple the mind and consume the body like drug addiction. Few illnesses crush the soul like opioid addiction, causing friends and family to struggle deeply and search greatly for a treatment center that is safe and effective.

Industry News

A Letter from the Founder of World Medical Tourism Congress: Medical Travel Industry Goes to the Middle East

Is the Medical Tourism industry ready for a change? I’m sure you would agree that it is.

Medical tourism

State of the Medical Tourism Industry

As the healthcare market broadens, the key players have a growing need to improve on the metrics that drive medical travel.

The Paley Institute
Patient Experience & Hospitality

Man Takes First Steps Following ‘Miracle’ Surgery for Severely Deformed Limbs

Vincenzo, 22, an Italian man who was born with an extremely rare condition called arthrogryposis shares his experience with the disease and his treatment journey at the Paley Institute.

Accreditation & Certification

Direct Contracting with CoE’s is growing, but Patient Experience is Key to Sustainability

As healthcare spending in the U.S. continues to rise, employers are increasingly turning to direct contracting with Centers of Excellence (COE’s) in order to lower healthcare costs and provide competitive insurance benefits to employees

Malaysian Health Tourism
Destination Spotlight

Malaysia: An Emerging Global Giant in Medical Tourism

Malaysia is building many centers of excellence like these and harnessing advanced technologies that will see the country be a game-changer in the medical tourism market


Decades-long Pain from Post-Traumatic Arthritis Treated Successfully at the Paley Institute

The pain from arthritis could be extremely unbearable, with most days seeing patients finding it increasingly difficult to carry out everyday tasks.

Japan healthcare tourism
Industry News

Chinese Tourists Moving in Droves to Japan for Medical Care

A few years ago, Chinese tourists traveled in their thousands to Japan for what was described as explosive shopping sprees. Fast forward several years later, Chinese tourists are still flying to Japan but this time largely for a different reason - medical care.

Stem Cell
Industry News

Can Stem Cells Help With Parkinson’s Disease?

Jan Paul Olsen, Dominican, 60 years old diagnosed with advanced Parkinson´s disease had almost given in to his deteriorating health but for doctors who offered him a life-changing treatment procedure.

Zika virus

Does Zika still Influence Travel Choices for Women?

A few years after the Zika epidemic was stopped in its tracks, the ghost of it still lingers, influencing where we travel to for holidays or health tourism, especially for people who bore the brunt of its effects when it broke out - Women.

China Tribunal
Industry News

China Tribunal Gives Final Judgement on China’s Heinous Transplant Crimes

To put an end to a two-decade-long controversy on forced organ harvesting and illicit organ trade in China, the Independent Tribunal into Forced Organ Harvesting from Prisoners of Conscience in China - the ChinaTribunal - delivered its Final Judgement June 17, 2019, revealing shocking details.

Industry News

Private Hospital in China Shut Down after dozens of Patients Given Fake HPV Vaccines

A private hospital on Hainan Island has been forced to shut down operations after local authorities found it gave fake human papillomaviruses (HPV) vaccines to dozens of patients, including at least one pregnant woman

Transplant tourism

Belgium Bans Medical Tourism for Organ Transplants

On April 25, 2019, Belgium's primary legislative body passed a new bill that criminalizes all activities involved in buying and selling of human organs for commercial uses

Paley Institute
Industry News

3-Year-Old Girl Born with Leg Backwards Finally Walks after ‘Miracle’ Surgery

‍Three-year-old Victoria Komada, born with both legs backward finally takes her first steps after having surgery to correct the defects

Transplant tourism

Transplant Tourism: The Shadow World of Medicine

In what has been aptly described as “the shadow world of medicine,” transplant tourism poses great health and ethical burden, with attendant risks of severe infectious diseases and the dehumanizing nature of the act

Advantages of Home Infusion, Specialty Pharmacy and Home Health

How home infusion, specialty pharmacy, and home health have cut pricing while delivering better outcomes, experiences and overall patient satisfaction.

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