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China Tribunal
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China Tribunal Gives Final Judgement on China’s Heinous Transplant Crimes

To put an end to a two-decade-long controversy on forced organ harvesting and illicit organ trade in China, the Independent Tribunal into Forced Organ Harvesting from Prisoners of Conscience in China - the ChinaTribunal - delivered its Final Judgement June 17, 2019, revealing shocking details.

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Private Hospital in China Shut Down after dozens of Patients Given Fake HPV Vaccines

A private hospital on Hainan Island has been forced to shut down operations after local authorities found it gave fake human papillomaviruses (HPV) vaccines to dozens of patients, including at least one pregnant woman

Transplant tourism

Belgium Bans Medical Tourism for Organ Transplants

On April 25, 2019, Belgium's primary legislative body passed a new bill that criminalizes all activities involved in buying and selling of human organs for commercial uses

Paley Institute
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3-Year-Old Girl Born with Leg Backwards Finally Walks after ‘Miracle’ Surgery

‍Three-year-old Victoria Komada, born with both legs backward finally takes her first steps after having surgery to correct the defects

Transplant tourism

Transplant Tourism: The Shadow World of Medicine

In what has been aptly described as “the shadow world of medicine,” transplant tourism poses great health and ethical burden, with attendant risks of severe infectious diseases and the dehumanizing nature of the act

Advantages of Home Infusion, Specialty Pharmacy and Home Health

How home infusion, specialty pharmacy, and home health have cut pricing while delivering better outcomes, experiences and overall patient satisfaction.

health tourism
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A Tourist of Hope: My Story About Medical Tourism

Your legal safety is critical to your safety in general. To avoid harm, be an informed patient. In so doing, you will be a better medical tourist. You will be a safer traveler, too.

Wellness Travel & Tourism

How Hong Kong’s Health System Favors Outward Medical Tourism

These alarmingly long wait times are typical for almost all public hospitals in Hong Kong, as the increased demand for healthcare in the city exceeds the capacity of medical manpower available.

Technology & Innovation

An Interview with Maxwell Cohen, Winner of Market Disrupt 2019 at HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION (Healthcare Revolution), Founder and CEO of Peel Away Labs, the Innovative Startup Revolutionizing the Medical Bedding Industry

Medical Tourism Magazine recently sat with Maxwell Cohen, Founder and CEO of Peel Away Labs, to talk about his product, ‘peel-away’ bedsheets, and how it can revolutionize healthcare.

Economics & Investments

3 Secrets to Setting Rates for Online Price Estimates

The push for greater healthcare pricing transparency grows stronger as consumers are demanding for personalized healthcare. CMS advises posting their standard charges online so the consumer has the option to compare prices among other providers.

Destination Spotlight

Industrial Advancements and the Future of Health Tourism in Guilin

Belt and Road Tourism in Guilin has a unique advantage as a landmark in China and leader of reform in tourism circle. The party committee and government place a high priority on the establishment of the Guilin International tourist destination.

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Shared Hospital Pilot in Hangzhou; Personalized Medical Care

With an increase in social development, healthcare is becoming diversified and public hospitals are unable to fulfill the demands. MedicalMall is providing personalized medical care by replacing the old medical systems with entrepreneurial innovations.

Technology & Innovation

Blockchain Technology: A Game Changer in Medical Tourism

The medical tourism industry is experiencing a revolution with the implementation of a novel concept called blockchain technology. Stakeholders have started investing in this innovative technology to achieve its vast potential.

Technology & Innovation

How Blockchain Technology Can Transform Healthcare

Healthcare sector has witnessed many technological phases like virtual reality, artificial intelligence-driven health solutions. Apart from that, it has recently met with a revolutionized technology known as blockchain, which is safe and secure.

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Establishing TCM Medical Tourism Pilot Zone in Guangxi Focusing on Guilin International Intelligence Health Park

Guangxi is on the verge of establishing one of the best comprehensive senior care services industry in the whole country. Guangxi developed the senior care services industry, national pharmaceutical industry, agriculture throughout China.

Destination Spotlight

The future of Health Tourism in Chinas Hainan Province

Hainan is China's largest economic zone and the island is currently under construction, covering 67% of ocean territory in China. Hainan leverages convenient transportation system, wide diplomatic networks, rich culture and strategic destination for health travel.


10 Essentials You Need to Pack for Your Medical Tourism Trip

Packing is a huge task and when you are traveling away from home for a medical procedure, it is recommended to pack with care. To avoid stress during immigration and security, remember to put every important thing in the baggage itself.

Healthcare Development & Architecture

Population Health Management Strategies

Population health management refers to the proactive application of interventions and strategies for promoting good health. PHM is growing in significance with the paradigm shift in resource allocation in hospitals and reimbursement strategies.

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